Designing a collection can be an interesting process. My earliest inspiration for the collection came this season when I was watching  "American Hustle". The 70's were daring, bold, and over the top  disco era at it's finest. The film was a feast of fabulous fashion! I was completely entranced by Amy Adams outfits. Halston and Gucci have been  my inspiration growing up,  and have a significant presence in the movie. The decade's more sophisticated, sensual edge, especially evoked by Halston's plunging neckline-blouses and the twist-front jersey (the irony that much of it reads early Tom Ford-Gucci is not lost).

 The spirit of liberation of the seventies period meant less structure, less tailoring and being more provocative. It's a duality. There s a  confidence but also a sense of vulnerability with daring necklines.

Gucci in the 90's when Tom Ford was their designer by far was the best collections and my most favorite. I am a huge fan of his and has been following him since Gucci. His clothes, perfumes, sunglasses and make-up are my most beloved items in my closet.

 Confidence in women is sexy. I like the idea of using clothes to express ourselves. 

Char Tolentino - A-List Fashion