Char Tolentino was raised in California, but spent a lot  of time travelling. She lived many years in San Pedro, Belize and also lived in Thailand , where she started her career as a fashion designer. 

Her designing career started when she was 5, with creating handmade dresses, tops, pants and swimsuits for her dolls . She even knew back then that she would be in the fashion industry. Excelling in school with both sewing and art classes. 

 In high school, her best friend secretly sent a picture of her to the world famous Barbizon School of Modeling/Agency in San Francisco. A 75  year old company that started as a charm school. The original School was founded on 5th avenue in New York City in 1939.  Barbizon's aim has been to develop and nurture each student with knowledge and training of the highest caliber in the areas of modeling and personal development. The classes curriculum prepares students to enter the world of fashion with self confidence, poise and style.

 The school had a contest looking for that unique look. The prize was a scholarship.

Her friend finally told her the day before  Barbizon's team was coming to interview many girls and one of them was her. She begged her to go and wouldn't take no for an answer.

A few weeks after the interview, Char Tolentino received a letter informing her that she was the winner and chosen to be the new face of Barbizon. She was very excited for this opportunity.

Attending classes in San Francisco was a very exciting time in her life.  She  enjoyed learning so many different things, modeling, make-up, photography and acting. Most of all, she learned so much about clothes, being a model you get to work with different types of style, she knew then that designing will become her passion.

After graduating with honors, she modeled for several years, but preferred working with make-up and design.  She began working for several high-end make -up brands, then began private contract for the movie industry in Hollywood. Where she worked with many movie stars as well as super models. That was one of the greatest experiences  in her life.

In San Pedro, as a makeup artist she  worked  in several photo shoots for magazines and catalogs,  including Maxim. Char  was instrumental in working with Costa Maya pageants and Miss San Pedro in the past.  Some  of  her designs are now being featured  in Miss World Belize, Raquel Badillo, in her photo shoots. 

She is  currently a fashion designer and started her own line, A-List Fashion and operates an invitation -only exclusive shop.  She designs dresses, blouses, pants, swimsuits, skirts and jewelry. 

Tom Ford, Versace, Balmain, Lanvin, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and Givenchy are some of the designers that have inspired her.

Her designs are glamorous and sexy with a touch of rock n roll.  Each of her creations  are made with the most  luxurious and exquisite fabrics. Gorgeous lace and amazing silk, soft, and feminine. Each item carefully and beautifully crafted.

Char Tolentino lives, works and designs in San Pedro, Belize.